4 reasons you should use Facebook Instant Experiences

Facebook Instant Experiences, previously known as Canvas allows to quickly build mobile landing pages for your Facebook ads by just dragging and dropping elements in a template.

With Instant Experiences, Facebook has introduced a new set of features and functionalities which mark a major improvement over Canvas.

Instant Experiences are designed to generate intent through videos, shop catalogues, forms, etc providing an immersive mobile experience.  You can create a custom Instant Experience in Ads Manager or on your Facebook Page.

Here is an overview of all the templates that are now available when creating Instant Experience ads.

  1. Instant Storefront: lets businesses sell products in a grid format.
  2. Instant Lookbook: allows businesses to display products in the context of a lifestyle image.
  3. Instant Customer Acquisition: helps businesses drive customer action by displaying offerings with a clear call to action.
  4. Instant Storytelling: uses images and video to give people a better feel for your brand.
  5. Instant Form: allows users to easily share their contact information to learn more about your offerings.

There are four main reasons why you should use Instant Experiences instead of Clickfunnel or Leadpages.

Firstly, pages are easy to create and don’t require any pixel implementation. Performance and conversions are automatically tracked through Facebook native analytics interface. Moreover, the new pixel capabilities allows businesses to easily re-engage with customers who interacted with their Instant Experiences.

Secondly, Instant Experiences are mobile-optimised and designed to offer a more engaging user experience. Statista has estimated that about 95.1% of active Facebook users access their profile via a mobile device, which means that landing pages must be mobile optimized.

Thirdly, Instant Experiences enable to build ads and pages with the same look and feel making the user journey from the ad to the conversion point seamless.

Finally, according to Facebook, Instant Experiences load time is 15x faster than web pages on mobile which means users are less likely they leave about halfway through the purchase funnel – according to Kissmetrics 40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.


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