How to build an effective sales funnel

From the first time your prospects hear about you until the moment they buy from you, they go through different stages of the sales funnel.

Defining and managing your sales funnel is key to attracting the right users and turn them into loyal customers.

The journey may be different from one client to the other, but eventually, it leads to the same result: a sale.

Here is the 5-step process to build an effective sales funnel

  1. Understand your ideal clients. Conduct surveys, talk to people or follow their conversations in Facebook groups and be clear on what their desires, their challenges and limiting believes are.
  2. Create messages that are centred on how you can help your clients to reach their desired status rather than the features of your product/service.  Focus on what they desire to DO, BE and HAVE and the emotional levers that drive their choices. Once they have expressed an interest in working with you, the features and bonuses will help to facilitate the decision-making process and will allow you to differentiate from the competition.
  3. Use your site analytics, past campaigns and sales data to build audience segments based on where your clients or prospects are in the sales funnel. Think about what questions and objections your prospects may have at each stage and how you could help them move to the next stage of the sales funnel. For example, will a taster session help them see the benefits of working with you?
  4. Define clear goals and messages for each audience segment to ensure your message is consistent throughout the user journey.
  5. Create a logical link between each ad in the campaign or emails in the series and ensure they drive the users through a well-defined funnel.

Finally, remember the secret to attracting the right users and turning them into loyal customers is to develop your sales funnel around them, their needs and their desires.

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