Why should I hire a coach? 

A coach can help you with personal development, business development, career growth, money issues, spiritual development, relationship skills, leadership and communication skills, etc.

A coach provides a safe, non judgmental space for you to figure out how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

What’s the difference between a counselor, a mentor and a coach?

A counselor is often ‘someone to talk to’, particularly in situations of grief, shock or anxiety. 

A mentor is somebody who impart his own experience, learning and advice to those who have less experience in a particular field. 

A coach works on improving the performance and well being of an individual  by focusing on the present. A coach doesn’t give advice and his tasks is to empower the individual to make his own action plan by questioning to facilitate self-awareness.

Most importantly, coaches DO NOT treat clinical disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction and phobias.

What’s the coach’s responsibility?

In every interaction I have with you, I will act with integrity,honesty and sincerity. I will set aside distractions and be fully present. I will  seek the best way to support your needs, I will  ask direct questions, and I will seek your permission if I want to offer a suggestion. 

All communication will remain confidential. I abide by the ethical standards set forth by the International Coach Federation. If you need assistance I cannot provide, I will refer you to a variety of resources.

What’s my responsibility as the client?

I will except you to approach the sessions  with curiosity, openness and a willingness to be honest with yourself and with me. You are ready for new possibilities and ways of yourself and those around you. You set the agenda and tell me what you need for each session. You determine your goals and priorities. You define success for yourself. You keep your commitments and are fully present for each session. You commit  to work on your action plans. 

How do you conduct the coaching sessions?

This depends on distance and preference and is agreed upon at the start of the coaching relationship. Most often, sessions are conducted over the phone or Skype. This allows for optimal flexibility and convenience for both.

If you are in London, you have the option of in-person sessions.

How do I know you’re a good coach?

 I am happy to have a phone or e-mail conversation and answer your questions. You can also read what some of my clients have said about their experience with me.

What kinds of coaching packages do you offer, and how much do they cost?

I offer an introductory phone or Skype call (20 mins or so) at no cost to assess your current situation, explore what you want to achieve and determine our primary areas of focus. Following that, we agree what coaching programme is the best for you.

My coaching programmes range from 3 to 12 months. The actual coaching sessions themselves are 50 minutes. The number of times per month depends on your needs and the coaching package chosen (but will often either be one or two sessions per month.)

All packages come with email support between sessions.